Our mission

In2Meat brings the world of meat closer together. Being on top of market, we share information and close the best deals for our clients and suppliers!



In the dynamic world of meat there is a need for companies able to act quickly on the ever changing circumstances. Consumption, livestock, stockpositions and seasons are constantly subjected to change and this demands flexibility and the ability to act quickly. Because of increasing quality standards, traceability and upscaling, the need for trusted professional companies, that are on top of market, is growing. In2Meat is fullfilling this role and wants to grow with the needs of its clients and suppliers.


Trusted partner

The succes of our partners and therefore our future is determined by cooperation. In2Meat, by being on top of market, can supports its partner by getting the best result of today. Respecting appointments and paying invoices on time comes naturally for us as trusted partner!



In2Meat distinguishes itself by being competitive with a high level of service. Our professionals have a high level of autonomy and are able to act quickly. This effectiveness ensures we can act on top of market wich results in the best deals for our clients and suppliers. Our high level of service ensures a smooth and quick handling so our clients and suppliers are helped in the best way.